Tony (Anthony) Walsham

Tony (Anthony) Walsham

1943 - 2023

Died 21 February 2023



Tony, my brother, was a hardworking model railway enthusiast.

He gave many in the field loads of advice and tried constantly to fulfil client orders, even when he was undergoing chemo last year and also in his last weeks when he was getting frailer, he was concerned that clients needed to get their orders fulfilled.

We were always impressed with his technical expertise to come up with solutions to difficult model build issues that were simple and solved the problems.

He visited us in UK several times and I well remember taking him to the several small gauge ride on railways we have in Sussex, a treat indeed, although his long legs did dangle somewhat from the little ride on carriages.

Thank you to all of his model railway friends and clients for extending their kind wishes and condolences on his passing.

Rest in Peace Tony


In Tony’s business dealings he was always honest and straight forward, a gentleman who went the extra mile to help others.

He was meticulous and kind to others and many people have contacted his family and spoken of the loss they feel.

He will always be a beloved brother and friend.

Vale Toine, Janno.


It is a very sad occasion for everyone concerned. Tony will be missed by his two sisters, his close friends and his customers who have become long-time loyal friends.

I know this, not only by monitoring his recent emails and the responses I have received but as a close friend for the past 5 years.

His business, "Remote Control Systems," has always come first in his daily ritual. Whenever he came to visit, the first thing he would do was check his emails and his website! He was very protective of his business, friends and customers. He will indeed be truly missed.

Love you. Julie

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Greg David, Mountain View, CA

This is so sad to hear. I was just going to look at the RCS pages and read about Tony's great products and I was met with the news of his death. I only purchased one item from him to update the remote control system in a Marklin live steam locomotive, but I was so impressed that I had determined that I would buy his products to run electric garden railways via battery remote. I did not know Tony, but I am thoroughly impressed by the one product I bought from him. In what some would deem is a dying hobby, it was great to see such innovative products being produced for such a narrow focused interest group..

(5 Mar 2023)

Doug Prescott, Indio, California

Deep condolences to your family and closer friends. You greatly helped me getting my live steam garden RR up-n-running with over 10 engines and newer progressive remote control products. You were always there for my ever ending questions via the internet, half way around the world. I would post a question before my bedtime and always got an answer by the time I woke up the next day. I will truly miss you, but always remember you. You were one of the special friends in my life and my hobby. Doug

(1 Mar 2023)

Del Tapparo - G-Scale Graphics, Windsor, Colorado, USA

Tony is leaving a hole in the worldwide garden railroading community. He provided innovative solutions to controlling our locomotives via steam and battery R/C, and he had a ton of experience that he shared via the train forums. I worked with Tony on several of his projects over the years. Although I only know him via phone calls and e-mail, I considered him a friend, and he will surely be missed by many.

(1 Mar 2023)

Tim Wilson, Toowoomba QLD

Tony's friendliness, enthusiasm and professionalism will be greatly missed. He was always helpful and willing to share his knowledge and experiences to assist others. It was great to be able to talk to someone with his extensive knowledge and he always made the time to call and let me know of developments or ideas that he thought would benefit our R/C installations. Tony was good company at Steamups and it was a pleasure to have known and worked with him.

(27 Feb 2023)

Chris Drowley, Wellington NZ

Tony, in the many years I have been working with you with on new ideas and the like, you were an absolute gentleman to chat and nut out ideas with. A totally honest businessman and so passionate on your business, attributes many strive to achieve to the level you had for RCS. You will be missed in the modelling world as I'm also sure with your family and local community. You gave us products that were ahead of others and brilliantly reliable. It has been a pleasure to be your champion and outlet on the other side of the ditch in NZ. Rest in peace my friend.

(27 Feb 2023)

Colin , Casino NSW

You will be missed TONY. Not just for your skill and expertise in business but by all your family and friends. Your trains were much more the a business they were very much a part of you.

(25 Feb 2023)

Greg Elmassian, California, USA

We'll all miss you Tony, for your spirit and contribution to the hobby. I'm sure you are in a better place. Greg

(25 Feb 2023)

John Pearce, Tura Beach NSW

Tony to me, was a person full of life and energy especially when it was his RCS business. He always had time for anyone no matter the problem and would set about how to fix it, he never let anyone down, he valued all his customers and made sure they were happy. I once was in Casino at Tony's place, he was installing a sound card and RC for me, here, I saw first-hand how much his business meant to him, he was such a very clever man in all things RC. Tony, you were such a true gentleman and a good friend, I shall miss your big smiling face. RIP TONY.

(24 Feb 2023)

Michael Ragg, Melbourne, Vic

Tony has always been our 'Go To' guy for all our live steam RC needs. His products were inexpensive and his service was exceptional. At trade shows and Steamups (often with Julie by his side) he would spend any amount of time demonstrating and explaining his products. Having a supplier here in Australia who offered such generous service and support was the best. As well as his reputation within the hobby, he was a thoroughly likable bloke. I will miss his professionalism and his company Michael Ragg Argyle Loco Works

(24 Feb 2023)

Andrew H, Bracken Ridge Qld

As one of his many customers and one fortunate to meet with him personally during one of his Brisbane visits to collect a locomotive he had generously fitted his gear into. I first met him at the annual Brisbane show over ten years ago and it was obvious he was fair dinkum, expert and keen to share his knowledge. (Tony, wait. Back up. You lost me at "Oh that's easy.You do this."). I've met him about five times over the years and corresponded with the odd question on occasion, yet, I feel such a loss as someone I knew better. Yeah, a fair dinkum nice bloke who will be missed by many around the globe.

(24 Feb 2023)

Carl , Molalla, Oregon USA

Many years ago, I had a crazy idea of bringing garden railroading to the public so that anyone, even people with challenges, could operate G scale in a park setting. I found that Tony and RCS-RC, his operating system and him answering my relentless questions is what has made G scale possible at Molalla Train Park. Tony is now operating trains free of pain. His insight will be greatly missed.

(24 Feb 2023)