I am proud of my quality products.  I am a hobbyist building R/C equipment for other hobbyists.
I use only good quality components such as proper Linear
control pots that have just the right amount of drag for good knob "feel" plus 1st grade pushbuttons for accessory functions.
Right down to the best quality 9 volts battery snaps you can get.

RCS has been making R/C systems for Large Scale model trains since 1986. Even way back then, RCS wanted to offer R/C systems that could be used by both Live Steamers and Battery R/C operators.
Early on RCS was using AM stick radios to do both.  The problem was those AM stick radios suffered from Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) so badly that they made Live Steam servos violently twitch back and forth.  All sorts of gizmos were devised to try and stop that happening. 
Commonly called "Glitching" or "The Rusty Bolt Effect".  That same effect also made battery R/C ESC's do the same thing.  Often damaging loco gears in the process.

In 1992 RCS produced the very first purpose designed and built super small TX handpieces the size of a cigarette pack.  To be used by Large Scalers, they stopped the "Gliching".  Soon after the system was added to with a program variation that allowed the same handpiece to operate Live Steam locos via servo control.
Both systems worked very well, but, being on the 27 MHz band, that RFI caused a loss of range. 
Even so RCS sold thousands of them until 2.4 GHz R/C became readily available.  The writing was then on the wall for 27 MHz.

So, it was back to stick radios of the 2.4 Ghz variety as they did not suffer from any RFI. The RX's would work in metal boxes like tenders, had great  range, smooth Digital Proportional control and low cost.
The only real problem was the size of the bulky TX's.  They needed two hands to operate them.
A real pain in the butt for the users.

What Live Steam operators had long wanted was a small TX handpiece with knobs for control that could be used with one hand by the operator.  Plus, would fit in a loco carry box & in their pockets.
In 2013 their prayers were answered. 
Deltang R/C in the UK started offering 5 Channel 2.4 GHz RF modules for use by cottage industry makers to create their own 2.4 Ghz transmitters. 
RCS jumped at this opportunity and very quickly released a stylish TX case (TX-20) set up for RCS battery R/C systems. 
With a few small modifications the direction switch was done away with and substituted with another knob for Live steam so that the Johnson bar servo could be set in the correct direction and left there whilst running (TX-2s).
The Tx20/Tx2 is still being made today as the DU-Tx3.
This also had two pushbuttons for electric sound triggers & button for a steam whistle. 
Then a customer ordered a version with 4 knobs for controlling extra servos. (TX-5). 
Almost immediately another customer asked for a simplified TX with just the 2 x knobs and one button for a live steam whistle or electronic whistle trigger.  (Older TX-3).

From Dec 1st 2020 RCS has six different TX handpieces for LIVE STEAM & BATTERY R/C.
All of them can use the Ch # 5/Bind button for a snap action servo control or single function sound trigger.

LIVE STEAM (With adjustable valve gear cut off) & BATTERY R/C
DU-TX1  A basic handpiece with a small knob for direction set and large knob for regulator control.
CH # 5 can be used as a sound function trigger.

DU-TX3  A basic handpiece
with a small knob for direction set and large knob for regulator control plus and extra knob for another proportional channel. Includes three sound trigger functions.
DU-TX5  An advanced handpiece with four knob controlled servo outputs. Ideal for locos that require multiple servos for accessories such as Whistle, Blow Down, Drain Cocks & adjustable gas etc.

Our most popular Tx handpiece. Used & recommended by Brian Wilson for his 7/8th" scale "JACK".
DU-TX7 Our most advanced handpiece.  2 x DP servos plus four extra momentary functions such as uncoupling. So all TX's could be used for Centre OFF & Low OFF Battery R/C ESC's.
Can be easily converted to Duplex operation.
DUPLEX  Our newest handpiece.  Run two Centre OFF battery R/C locos at the same time from the one handpiece.  
Each cab also has one sound trigger function.
Designed expressly for the new RCS SIMPLON combined Rx/ESC.

Each TX handpiece can bind as many RX's (i.e locos) to it as you wish.  There is no limit.  You will only ever need extra TX handpieces if you are going to have multiple operators.  Maybe a spare TX in case one gets damaged.  They bounce pretty well, but you never know with concrete.

The original Deltang made # Rx102-1 "Auto Binding" DSM2 RX is no longer available and has been replaced by our own auto bind  # LM-0034 Rx's at a budget price
The more advanced AB-Rx-v2 w
ith an optional extra plug in programming pushbutton has simplified servo reversing. End point adjustment on 5 channels plus directional constant brightness LED lighting.  The price is significantly lower than the current Deltang version.
Made by Xenon and now with twin 10 cm Diversity antennas.

RCS has been building R/C systems for 33 years.
RCS has a reputation second to none for innovation, reliability, performance and value for money.
RCS uses only full Digital Proportional control.
RCS is not DCC. No complicated CV's to learn.
RCS is the only manufacturer with purpose designed systems useable by Live Steam & Battery R/C.
Check out what the total cost will be when compared to other systems.

RCS uses and recommends MyLocosound sound systems.  They work seamlessly with RCS ESC's.

Thank you for your attention. 

Tony Walsham.  RCS.