My name is Tony Walsham & I am the owner and founder of
It has been 35 years since I ran my first international advertisement for radio control of model trains. The ad was on page # 53 in the July/August 1986 edition of the Narrow gauge and Short Line Gazette under my then Puffing Billy Models (PBM) label. It was run in co-operation with the late Graham Harris of Tempest Electronics.
Graham and I were among the pioneers of Radio Control (R/C) for model trains using regularly available low cost 2 stick digital proportional R/C such as Futaba® and Hi-Tec®.
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then.
In 1988 Neil Dyson of Catnip and I developed a revolutionary method of memory momentum control that eliminated the "glitching" problems previously associated with low cost 2 stick AM R/C. There are still quite a number of those old designs still being used.  Updated with microprocessor (µp) control, I am still making them today under the
RCS R/C brand.   Finally, after a short stint advertising under the banner of Five Star Models, I founded REMOTE CONTROL SYSTEMS (RCS) in Nov 1989.

In 1992 RCS invented the proprietary R/C system using a small cigarette pack sized transmitter handpiece. This system was for controlling track voltage and was first shown at the 1992 Nuremberg Toy Fair by the European agents of AristoCraft®. This display was kindly arranged by Mr Lewis Polk.
Later in 1995 Mr Polk came out with the AristoCraft Train Engineer® system.
RCS later developed an on board battery R/C system sold successfully as BASIC and ELITE. I went on to sell many thousands of those ESC's.
The ELSEMA R/C based speed controllers have now been sold to a third party and apparently discontinued by them.

In 2009
RCS R/C re-engineered the previous EVO ESC to be the best control system capable of using any of the new low cost brands of 2.4 GHz Digital Proportional R/C equipment.

The future looks rosy for RCS R/C.

Why? In 2013 
RCS R/C, with the co-operation of Deltang R/C in the UK, introduced the first Digital Proportional 5 channel TX handpiece that can fit in a pocket that was designed specifically for large scale model trains.  They are available in four versions to suit various Live steam locos and battery R/C locos.  RCS R/C are innovators, not imitators.

RCS R/C invites you to have a look at all the new items that are being released with the publication of this updated website.
A great big thank you, to all those people who have helped me over the years, and to my loyal customers.

Tony Walsham.